Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What do you do....

when your 15 month old suddenly regresses back to screaming and fighting you when it is nap and bed time?

Yesterday was awful. We went and laid down together at his regular nap time, he nursed, I rubbed and patted him. He finished nursing then fought to get up and run away. I tried to keep him still and it just escalated so after a few tries, I said screw it. Figured he would come to me when he was ready to nap.

Repeat above steps 4x.

Finally he fell asleep nursing while I was typing an email at 4:30. Yes, that is right, 4:30.

Then bedtime was nearly the same scenario only he did lay still eventually but took almost 30 minutes of rubbing/patting/soothing to finally fall asleep.

Then today, sleepy signals arise we go lay down. Full tummy, clean diaper, cool room, acceptable level of noise... nada. Turns into the screaming writhing toddler wrestling match that I hate.

And now, as I am typing he just fell asleep sitting in my lap after I told him no to milk because he was just comfort nursing.

WTH, really!


Nikki said...

That sounds like molars. Cannon couldn't EVVVER get comfortable when a few of his came in. I let him fall asleep on my back and put him down that way.

jenn said...

He's not teething is he?
Caiden is also regressing with her sleep- she's nursing more at night even though I try to 'fill her up' during the day. I don't think it's growth spurt since she literally pushes the b00b away during the day after a few minutes. this happens at least 3x a day lately & then she's up every 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 hours at night!

Sorry no answers, but I feel your pain!

Birdee said...

In short, studying what I want my birthing plan to be, I have been enlightned.
Hrm.... break that down to "in" "light"
Could that be I have had the covers pulled from over my eyes and I am now "Out of the Dard" and "In" the "Light"?
::shrug:: dont know, but I like it =D

C & E's mom said...

That's so common for that age. My DS (who is almost 3 now) did that exact same thing at that age. It lasted for a while, and now he's a perfect angel at naptime and bedtime. I remember him being such a good sleeper, and my mom would say, "Just wait - he'll turn on you!" I hate to admit it, but boy was she right!

jenn said...

ps- thanks for your comment. i pretty much have a quasi laid back attachment parenting/baby led philosophy & it's nice to hear that all this is normal (even if i already 'know' it in my gut!)