Tuesday, April 28, 2009


If the people outside my window don't stop playing the same shitty techno song on blast I am going to move the screen and drop poopie diapers and or shoes on their heads.

Freaking China, man.

::EDIT:: It gets even better. Upon further investigation, the reason the same bad song is on repeat is because there is some sort of wannabe Chinese Spice Girls rehearsal going on on the sidewalk next to our building. I am trying to be annoyed *giggle*, really I am, but the absolute hilarity is winning here.


Sarah R said... annoying.

Sorry, but I would probably want to scream!

The Parkerson's said...

HAHA!! Remember the days that we said we were going to be famous singers, dancing and singing around everywhere? You know we were awesome...not like those "spice girls". :)

Daft Moniker said...

Should I bring the Burger King mask?

Jessi said...

haha!! sorry, but it is sort of funny!