Thursday, April 16, 2009

The funny thing about guan xi...

Is once you start to make connections, opportunities in China, just fall into your lap.

One of the people that work with Donnie on campus introduced us to a friend of a friend (Dunn) who owns 6 private English schools in the city. He offered Donnie and myself (contingent on our childcare situation) jobs anytime with his schools.

He has a 7th location opening this summer that will have daycare on premises, so regardless of what our childcare situation was, I knew I could start working there when it opened.

Fortunately, we found an amazing babysitter and pay him nearly double what he was making working 70 hours a week at a hotel job just to be on call for us and work maybe 20-25 hours a week watching Quinlon. Quinlon adores him and Yuan Jie feels the same about the little hellion.

So happy and confident that our son is in capable hands, I have started doing private tutoring at one of Dunn's schools for 10-15 hours a week and it's been wonderful. The income is awesome and I only work 2 days a week so I can still be a full time mommy.

Last night Dunn through a party for all the Chinese and foreign teachers. There was booze and snacks and music and lots of fun... but the most important part for my guan xi happened as we were leaving, Dunn walked us out. We left before the party even began winding down because we live on campus and the gate and door to our building close at 11PM. On the way out, Dunn said he wants to have an early childhood development program at the new campus and since I have experience with this level of education (almost 2 years of daycare experience) he wants ME to develop and RUN the program for preschoolers.

Holy shit!

I am incredibly flattered that someone who has really only met me 3 times judges me capable of such an undertaking. It really makes me feel good that my intelligence is not lost on people entirely.

So here I sit, with not a single clue where to begin, but damn, I am excited!!!


Carrie said...

What a huge compliment! You are going to do an amazing job. Your compassion, understanding and love of children come through your blog, so I am sure anyone who meets you senses it immediately!

That is amazing, and I love how perfectly it fits with the new childcare. So happy for you- today was a great day!


Colleen said...

How wonderful for you. I am sure that you will do a wonderful job. It really sounds like making this move was the best thing for you all. I hope it works out.

Queen Bee said...

that is awesome Jessi!! what a wonderful opportunity for you and your family.

as a working mom, i am impressed (and can i say jealous?) that this schedule will work out so well for your situation. it is just fan-flippin-tastic. yay for you!! :)

.~*Catrina*~. said...

That is awesome!! :)