Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Anniversary to us!

Yesterday was Donnie and I's 3 year wedding anniversary. It's strange to me how that seems like such a short time, but at the same time, like an eternity (in a good way, of course).

We've been through so much together and this year really benchmarked how much we have grown as a couple and family.

We had a super low-key day. DH had his normal Chinese lessons until 12PM and then we had lunch with out friends/teachers/babysitter (all the same two people). Then we took off for an afternoon alone to wonder around downtown as we pleased.

We bought a Gwan Yin statue for our altar (long overdue, I might add) and some nice chopsticks to take with us when we eat out at some of the less stellarly clean restaurants (they have the best cheapest food). In China it's wise to use the disposable chopsticks or some of your own because the chance that the ones the restaurant washes aren't getting completely clean and can commonly carry BAD stomach viruses and Hep B.

And I got some rad shoes that are way supportive of my fragile arches that I have been immaturely been ignoring.

We finished the night with some delicious pineapple beer. Yes, I said pineapple beer. It is amazing in all ways.

Here's the gratuitous pics!


I totally suck and didn't post a pick of Gwan Yin! She is the goddess of mercy in Budhism and Taoism. We view her as more of a focal point for the energy of prayers and a symbol of always being humble and thankful for what the Tao brings into our lives.

Keep in mind this is just our makeshift temporary altar until we move into the permanent apartment next month (which is huge and way awesome btw). Once we move, it will be more elaborate and decorated to show our love and devotion.


Amanda said...

Those shoes are rad!

Would you mind postings pics of the Gwan Yin statue? I've never seen one! :D

Happy Anniversary!!

Amanda (Knitster)

rocket.queen. said...

Sure thing, Amanda. I totally meant to earlier and forgot to take pics of her.


Beautiful Mess said...

Happy anniversary! I love your shoes, so cool!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Jessi! I've been reading your blog since I first saw it on the WebMD boards, and I was wondering if you would consider doing a post about Taoism (if you haven't already). I'm a Protestant Christian, but I love studying other religions. I know almost nothing about Taoism and actually had thought of it as more of a philosophy than a religion. Can you educate me/us on how the religion is practiced? Do you attend services or have regular times of prayer/meditation? Is there a religious text that you study? What drew you to the religion? I'd love to hear more! Thanks!

Colleen said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!

Carrie said...

I love your shoes, and happy anniversary!!!

The statue of the Gwan Yin is beautiful. I love that it is a statue that represents all good things in your home.

Big hugs!

Daft Moniker said...

Congrats to you both! *hugginess to you both*