Saturday, April 26, 2008

It's been 48 hours...

well, a little more than 48 hours since starting the Zantac. We ~should~ see improvements today. I guess time will tell if this medicine will work or if we are going to need to pursue different treatments.

Sleeping half sitting up on the couch with Quin is getting old for my back and I miss my husband.

And in the next few days, I may be seriously MIA as we are moving and I dunno when the internet is going to be switched to the new place.

This should be fun.


Stephanie said...

Brad had GERD so bad he was diagnosed with failure to thrive. We went to Nemourse Children's Clinic in Jacksonville. I have a lot of information if you would like it and lived through enough heartache and testing to tell the tale.
Prevacid is a dream. There are also several sleep positions you can use while breast feeding. There are tons of things you can do to put out the fire and make it easier on all of you guys. You can call me any time day or night. Seriously 24 hours a day. 850-766-4468