Sunday, October 21, 2007

Won't do that again!

Anyone who knows me know that I LOVE Horror movies. I am somewhat of a horror movie connoisseur especially where it comes to zombie/vampire movies.

They don't normally scare me, but apparently pregnancy hormones plus really badass horror movie equals a teary eyed hyperventilating Jessi.

We saw 30 Days of Night last night and it was phenomonal. Completely did justice to the comic book AND not a trace of bad acting to be found. I was very impressed, well, when I could pry my hands out of Donnie's arm or remember to take a full breath. It was a tense tense movie and my poor hormones just couldn't handle it.

Soooo, lesson learned.

But for the rest of you, GO SEE IT!!!


Poltzie said...

Hey Jessi,
Your little 18 week belly is too cute! Have you felt your little one moving yet?

rocket.queen. said...

Yeah, I felt him last friday the 19th and it hasn't stopped since. I fell him everyday all day.

I love it!

Nicole - Raising Animals said...

I saw that movie yesterday and it was SSOO good. Josh Hartnet as a vampire, totally hot!