Thursday, July 5, 2007

I'm drunk

and crying uncontrollably.

I am so overwhelmed right now and it just sucks.

This weekend will be spent trying to replace the water pump on the car... Hopefully, she will make it until Friday night :(.

I'm struggling with depression over a great many things. My weight, TTC, money, work... Ugh. I just wish I had a girlfriend to take me out shopping and for pedicures. :-( Being an adult at 21 is hard, no one else my age seems to care that I am resposible, nor do they care to "hang out" because once the ring is on the finger, you lose all coolness.


jk215 said...

Oh honey!!!

I wish I was there right now to take you out! We'd get mani-pedi's with crazy colors & facials.

If you need any advice on doing the water pump- Tom is a mechanic- he can walk you through it & possibly save some $$$.

Nicole - Raising Animals said...

Oh Jessi! I'm so sorry! I'd totally take you out for shopping!! I'm here for ya!

rocket.queen. said...

Thank you. I wll probably end up taking you up on that offer if we run into any issues. Luckily my dad was a mechanic so I know a little bir and it has always served me well.

You rock.

jk215 said...

I am always here for ya babe- just ike you are for me ;o)