Thursday, July 19, 2007

I count myself among

the luckiest of lucky.

we were staring down the barell of 12+ months TTC and the hulking monster that is infertility. We are truly, truly blessed to be given this precious gift.

I will not take a single moment of this pregnancy for granted.

And to everyone who has so warmly congratulated us, Thank you, so very much. Without the support of those who have been there through the tears and the pain, we would not be here.

For those who muct continue in the TTC struggle, my heart is with you and I hate that I can not do anything to aide in your fight except to continue to keep you in my prayers as always.



Shayna said...

♥ you Jess!



Jewels said...

Hey Jessi, Just wanted so send a Congrats on your blog, so you'll always know my warmest congrats and wishes for the best years that lie ahead for you and your family. You inspire me. ENJOY! ENJOY! ENJOY! , I love how you will savor every moment, good and sickly, because its all good.

Anonymous said...

I am soooooo thrilled for you. I don't think anyone is more deserving of a BFP than you. You have been through so much in your journey and now you get your prize! I would love updates on you through out your pregnancy. Even though we were not on JSO together for long, I really grew attached to you. Maybe b/c we are the same age and want the same things from life but I almost cried tears of joy when I read your announcement. CONGRATS~ you are going to be a wonderful mother. I would still love to talk to you even though you aren't on JSO anymore. I guess I'll have to hunt you down on other boards! Congrats again!!!!!


jk215 said...

I know I said it before- but officially- congratulations!

I hope it is a smooth & wonderful 9 months for you. Hope to join you soon!

Anonymous said...

You do not know me - or if you do, it's because you know of me. I am one of the "fallen" ones who walked away earlier this year. In fact, I was standing in a pair of shoes very similar to the ones you are now wearing (minus the whole pregnant part). I did piss off the devil though (future reference, devil = Nancy).

From this moment on you have 'something' on her. It will never be the same. She will continue on her wild spree's and backhandedness with such nutty-ass moments your head will practically spin. She will dedicate blog after blog professing her sanity and run back to the board saying, "they HATE me! Oh god no, it's soooo hard to be Nancy all the time... Wait, people...WATCH ME!!!" - lol. She will clock that board with every time someone logs on or off. She will plant seeds and freak out on people the moment something does not go her way. Oh and heaven help the bitch who stands up to her, she hates us too, lol.

I'm sure this side of the devil is new and a bit odd for you. I promise, it does get easier to watch her self-inflicted hate. You just do it from a distance and when she gets really fucking nuts, just close your eyes...she cycles quickly.

You are strong. I know you will be okay. Just know you're not the only one this has been done too. Seriously though, CONGRATULATIONS! I wish you and your new family the most amazingly breath taking moments one can ever hold in one lifetime.

All our love,


p.s. You don't make it easy for someone to email you.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100% plus some with everyting the prior poster said. ALthough I am not a "fallen" one, I quickly saw through her smoke and mirrors and left on my own accord only to have her bash me all across the web and even bashed my children when she got no response.

Anyway, CONGRATS on the BFP! I am sure you will make a great mother. Many belly pats and boat loads of healthy baby vibes!

Anonymous said...

Is that what we are now... the fallen ones, lol? That is hilarious! A perfect description and how much do you want to bet ~WE~ will have a blog written about this shit within a matter of days, lol?

Jessi, here’s the thing, the move “Crazy” pulled on you was a classic ~Nancy~ move. She said what she really felt and then got totally offended that you thought she said what she REALLY DID SAY out loud. It was fucking offensive, of course you said something. Oh but then it really starts, lol. You see the whole,

“~wow.~ you hurt my soul, bff. we were so close! ~how~ could you? you, bff, of ALL the people, how could you ever think in a million years that I would EVER do this to you? ~wow~? just ~~~~wow~~~~!!!”

Total classic. I’m sorry, how many good friends can someone go through in a year though? Wait, she already did a blog about that too – something like 4 or 5 “real friends”, lol. Oh hell, I’m sure she’ll go look it up for us once she sees this to make sure everyone knows the true amount anyways, but the point is, she’s REALLY disturbed. Like really scary text you 12 times begging you to just speak with her kind of disturbed. CREEEEEPY.

Best piece of advice… just keep being you. Love every moment of all of this. You do not need anyone to tell you you’re lucky, you and Donnie did this, not luck. So fuck them, okay. The hormones are really bad in the first and last trimester, so things like the journal making you cry are going to be the fun moments you remember. Especially since you know they are not typical reactions, lol.

If you ever need anything or have questions… let us know how to get in touch with you. Welcome to motherhood my friend.