Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy 2nd trimester to, meeeeeeeee!

Quite a nice milestone in my, oh, so humble opinion.  Sadly, there was no celebration today as I feel sort of off.

Like I've been chasing a toddler and picking shit up all day and my uterus/tummy area is sorta pissed off.  Sore... Not really crampy, just heavy and sore.  Most likely it's the stretching stuff because there are no other signs that it is something bad (no bleeding, cramping, hoo-ha pressure, etc).  So, I've been trying (bahaha, we know how that usually turns out, now don't we?) to stay off my feet. 

Of course, Quinlon decides to be a little needy punk today.  Mostly it's been directed toward Donnie, which, while I find it highly amusing, still makes it stressful for me because he SUCKS at multitasking (yes, even things as simple as holding a child and surfing the internet) and has been desperately trying to study for his upcoming exams.  So I hear little person whine followed often and quickly by the big person's whine or voice of some significant frustration and then mommy-radar starts blaring and I have to go try and peel little person off big person and explain to big person that he really needs to be more patient with the little person who is clingy to him because he missed him so desperately while he was gone for a week.

Good times.

Oh, did I mention my refrigerator is an angry elf?  Yeah... stopped working completely the other night.  Woke up yesterday morning to stench.  It might be fixed now, but we're still trying to figure out if the lingering odd smell is from the moldy noodles that were hidden in the back or if it is a coolant leak.  I just paid 442 yuan for that coolant so it damn well better stay the fuck where it belongs.

In productivity news, I wrote almost 400 words for the book AND swept two rooms AND picked up toys... thrice!  No wonder my stomach/uterus is pissed off.


jenn said...

Congrats on 2nd tri! Hope that glow & energy is headed your way soon- sounds like you could use it!

Lisa said...

Congrats on reaching the 2nd tri! I hope your uterus starts feeling better soon...

Hollie said...

Sounds like wonderful times in the life of a soon to be mommy of two!

Queen Bee said...

happy 2nd tri!!

oy. i can totally relate on the clingy/whiny toddler front. or he is just being an ornery little bugger and marking on everything when he finds a pen (where does he keep finding them?!) or dumping water on every.thing.

hope your uterus chills out!

Iiri said...

Happy second tri to you! That's exciting!

I got your x-mas card,. thank you!!! (not sure where i should send one back though?)

and fridge issues, i know ALL about those, ours is bi-polar...never know when it's going to throw it's next fit, and whether it will be a freeze everything or uncomfortably warm fit...ugh. Hope yours settles down and co-operates.