Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Well, he caught it.


Donnie and took turns staying up with him all night... he only dozed fitfully at best and was just generally inconsolable.

Still the same story today. I finally broke down and gave him some ibuprofen *sigh* and it's barely making a dent in his fever.

He is currently wrapped just like in the photos in the other blog entry (except his arms are tucked in so he is nice and snug) and fitfully napping. Every half hour or so he wakes up and coughs and fidgets and gets pissed until I can manage to bounce/pat/rock him back to sleep.

Poor baby.

Poor me.


Sarah R said...

Aw, poor little guy! I hope he starts feeling better very soon. I swear it's harder on us when they're sick than it is on them.

Nikki said...

Yeah, poor baby AND mama. :(
Have you tried sodium ascorbate? That typically knocks out anything Cannon has. That and probiotics. But he has never had a fever before, so IDK. :/