Sunday, February 15, 2009

General happenings...

We're sick... well, Donnie and I are. We're praying like crazy that this skips Quinlon. It's a BADDDD cold. Super raw swollen throat and a deep tight cough. Miserable, I tell you. Today Quinlon has a slight fever, but it looks like he has a spider bite, so that might be the source of the fever and not the bug we're battling.

We are enjoying our newfound love of wrapping. We love our Beco, but wrapping is really winning me over. Donnie hasn't attempted it yet but has already jokingly staked a claim on my newest and loveliest wrap seen here.

Only about a week until China. Not sure on the exat departure date because we have to wait on our friends to overnight the invitation documents that got sent there so we can get visas. Not too wise to book $1300 worth of plane tickets when you don't have your visas in hand.

Any prayers you can send our way for the sickies and our 14 hour plane ride are more than welcome.


Sarah R said...

That is a neat wrap! Sorry to hear you're sick. Ickies. At least your milk should keep it away from Quinlon--Andrew has never caught anything I've had--so far. :)

Nikki said...

I love the wrap! How hard is it to get on, have you tried to backcarry with it?

rocket.queen. said...

Looks like Quinlon got it anyway :(

Totally not hard. There are so many videos and tutorials online, it's crazy! I have attempted a simplified back carry twice and was sort of successful. It was a bit uncomfortable because I didn't have it tight in the right places. It will come with practice, I am told.

Heather said...

So exciting that China is so close! Can't wait to hear about your adventures.

Queen Bee said...

i too am envious of your wrapping skills! it's something we would like to try.

so sorry that your fam is sick! i hope everyone feels better fast and the trip to China is smooth sailing.