Thursday, October 16, 2008

Car seat woes...

Mother in law was sweet enough to buy us a travel system (after being told not to) for Quinlon. Sadly, she didn't have the foresight to even get the safest one, but got the one with the flashy name (Eddie Bauer). Subsequently, we hate the fucking thing. The carseat is freaking HEAVY and the stroller is bulky and awkward. We've used the stroller all of 3x. We use our Beco Butterfly baby carrier more often than anything because it is a miracle worker.

Had she asked what we wanted, I would have told her a Britax convertible seat.

So here we are, Quinlon reaching the limits of the abominable infant seat and scrambling for something affordable.

Father in law was sweet enough to give us $100 to spend on Quinlon. Awesome. Now, the issue I am facing is that none of the GOOD seats are under $100. I take that back, there are 2 that are, but I was hoping I could get a gently used one for cheaper since Q also needs a few other items as well.

All of this had me thinking of all the things I have learned by trial and error since Quinlon was born. Many of these things I would do completely differently now. So, just for posterity's sake, I am going to write out all the things I am going to do differently next time.

1. We will get a crib, but use it as a modified co-sleeper by taking the front panel off and pushing it flush against the bed.

2. Start out with a diaper stash that resembles our "stash nirvana" now. GMD prefolds, OBV prefolds, and wool.

3. A GOOD swing is a must from day one.

4. LOT'S of babywearing.

5. NO onsies. Insist on ALL t-shirts. It's gotten annoying to cut all his onsies into shirts so he can wear them with his gorgeous wool clothing.

6. BIG swaddling blankets are worth their weight in gold.

7. The kimono shirt with the little mitt flaps are a LIFESAVER - stock up on them!

8. NUrsing bras are a waste of money. Front clasp regular bras or sports bras worm much better and are half the price.

9. Infant seats suck. Get an convertible seat from day one.

I'm sure I will be adding to this as time goes by, but I feel soooo much more prepared for next time.


Nikki said...

We have the evenflo titan elite. I think it was about $100. I wanted a Britax as well, but my husband was right in the middle of getting out of the military and transitioning into his civilian I couldn't bring myself to spend $400 on a britax just yet.

Once Daniel started working I almost bought a Recaro Signo, but eh. I actually REALLY like our current seat. I did have to put a tightly rolled up towel under it so it would lean back more. Cannon loves it. The installation was *dreamy* in my station wagon.

All carseats have to pass the same standards for safety. Most people like Britax though because they install very easy and are pretty comfortable...That's why people don't mind shelling out the dough for them. I would say, whatever installs properly in your car is going to be the best carseat. I wouldn't worry about what brand it is. :)

Jewels said...

Oooh, I like #1, great idea.
Love all the info tho - hopefully I can use the tips soon. (er-soon enough right?)