Thursday, October 2, 2008

Allen Look-alike Meter

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FUCK yeah. I win.


MrsDrink said...

Haha, I put my stepson in that and put DH and I as the told me he looked more like me by 15%.

And he's not even my child. LMAO.

Stephanie said...

That is so freaking funny! Go Mom!!!!

Poltzie said...

Hey Jessi,
I've looked at child led weaning a lot but there are some things we were concerned about. I let him munch on things sometimes but because their iron stores are used up by 6 months their first foods have to be high in iron. Chicken won't go near any meat at this point so rice cereal it is.
We are happy with the way we are doing it, and it works for us, but thanks for the suggestion.