Saturday, April 28, 2007

like a statue in the sky...

So it has been offered for us to move to Cali with the **** family to make "Oh, the Horror". (The **** family is the family of an A-list actor.)

Rent free.

They know people out there with money and money is what we need to get this movie filmed and in theaters so you guys can enjoy the amazingness that is this movie script.

There are a lot of different things that have to go the right way for this move to happen. Donnie is scheduled to call **** tonight @ 10 to discuss in more detail the accomodations and conditions with us living there in L.A. with them. But, barring and problems or issues, we are all in agreeance... Let's fucking go.

In other news, I got the transfer to another department I put in for about 2 months ago.

It means $1/hr raise and a better supervisor who knows exactly how good I am at my job. I spoke with her today and she even said that she had a "special plan" for me once I officially start on her team. May 14th, bonnnnnnngggggg. That extra money is perfect either way. More money to move with, or it's more money for a baby... **As if that ever happens**

Not to mention that we are not TTC right now because of the potential move and subsequent movie filming. Matter, of fact I need to lose 15 lbs!

To quote Donnie, "What happens, happens..." But I feel like this is the universe's way of telling us it is not time. We still want to have a baby super bad, but now we have these huge choices ahead and it is very clear to me why I am still not "knocked up".

It's funny how life works out.


giddocliff said...

On my blog, I've written several times about how much I miss Los Angeles, which I left after 20 years. So my advice is: "Go West."


rocket.queen. said...

I'm seriously excited, but at the same time, terrified.

I'm a Florida girl. Even Tampa is nowhere near the massiveness of LA.

But life is an adventure and I mean to live it out to the max!