Monday, April 16, 2007

If it keeps on raining...

Sometimes I think that I am the only one bordering on obsession with this TTC. Maybe it's the female mindset, I'm not sure.

It came to my attention that I am not alone. We both want this so much, it hurts. Maybe it was the loss before that makes everything race towards desperation... I don't know.

We were so close.

In other news, we got a kitten. I surprised Donnie with it for our Anniversary.

Meet General Grievous.


Kat said...

Very DH would LOVE that as an anniversary gift...however, we have friends who are very allergic....=/

jk215 said...

Your kitty is adorable!!!!
I hope he lives up to his feisty name...

Robinson 4 said...

Hello lovely. This is Nicole. Long time no see. Sorry I've been MIA lately. It looks like I didn't get into grad school so I've been pretty down about it (I made the waitlist but I'm not holding out hope.)
I'm glad you have a we can be blogger buddies.
I'm so down there's no little Allen on the way yet but the best things are worth the wait and another Allen is definitly one of the best things I can think of!!
Love and all that.