Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yes, we did finally get our luggage...

4 days after arriving. We were pretty smelly and poor Quinlon's two pair of interlock wool pants were filthy.

But that issue aside, it has been wonderful.

Our first full day here was spent being lazy for the most part. The jet lag was atrocious and it took several 3-4AM wake ups (for the day) on Quinlon's part before we finally got our days and nights switched. And the nursing marathon is only just now coming to end.

We were picked up around noon by two of the English major students who took us shopping at WAL MART!! HAHA. They were baffled when we told them that we rarely even shop at Wal-Mart in America because we don't like the company. I think they were just being considerate and trying to make our transition easier by giving us familiar things. Well, familiar in their theories, maybe, but in reality Wal-Mart in the US is not even the same species as Wal-Mart in China. I could kick myself for not taking the camera and taking pictures.

Wal-Mart in China has a hair salon in it. No kidding.

We spent a nice chunk of change getting house things and some food and then headed back to the campus and were treated to dinner at the canteen, as they call it. It's a cafeteria on campus just like most schools in the US have but all similarities end there.

The food is wonderful... well, at least to our virgin taste buds. I'm sure if it were the typical cafeteria fare found in the US we would be as ambivalent about it as the students here are to the canteen offerings.

There are 2 floors with so many different windows to get food. Most is premade and lucky for us, you can just point, say 'nei ge' (that) and 'yi ge' (one), swipe your card and go. So far one of our favorites is the hand made 'la mian' or pulled noodles with s spicey potato filled broth over it topped with chopped cilantro. They make them to order and I am always mesmerized by watching the guys do it.

It took Quinlon a little while to warm up to the food and for us to figure out what was even something he could eat with any nutritional value.

But, it's after 10PM and I've been promised a fabulous massage by Donnie who just returned from giving a 90 minute lecture on American culture with a kick ass powerpoint presentation made by yours truly.


Christina said...

I can't wait to see some pictures!
Glad you guys finally got your luggage.
The walmart my dad works at here has a hair salon too and a nail place. It's the only one I've seen like that around here though.

Queen Bee said...

i am in love with reading about your new life in China. (maybe obsessed is a better word? LOL) very interesting.

wal-mart. hmmm... they really are trying for world domination.

Poltzie said...

Sounds like you are having fun and enjoying your time!
Walmart in Canada must be like China. We have a hair salon and a nail salon (a cheap chop shop so I've never been to either but still) in our Walmart. Along with a Tim Hortons, McDonalds, Build-aBear and photographer.

rocket.queen. said...

I've seen the ones with the hair place in the front, like a small strip mall at the cashier area but this salon was right in the middle of the hair care section. I turned from looking at shampoo to see someone getting a color and a perm behind me... Not at all what I have ever seen before.

Iiri said...

Hey, at least there when you shop walmart you're buying "local"

I love hearing about your time in China!

Quinn is getting SO big! WOW!