Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm panicking a little.

I can't lie. Quinlon turning one has me freaking out. badly. To top it off, the last week has seen the disappearance of sooooo much of his baby-ness and the appearance of all these toddlerisms that just blow my mind.

He's had a gibberish language explosion and I have actually caught him trying to imitate people both in English and more often, Chinese.

I just don't feel ready for this. He's already a toddler by definition since he has all but abandoned crawling in favor of walking so fast that he is almost leaning forward 45 degrees, but something about this first birthday is so... final.

Donnie's boss is taking us out to dinner on Monday and Sunday we are having a small get together for our friends. Something tells me the kid is going to make out like a bandit.

So far we have a cute pair of adidas sneakers (flexible soled) and an awesome spiderman hoodie (the hood makes it look like HE is spider man ♥). We want to get him a scooter/bike thingie or a puppy. Well, i want a puppy, but Donnie is being resistant, mostly because he doesn't want to deal with puppy poop and pee, but I think I am wearing him down.

*EDIT* Today is 1 year from my EDD. I was so hugely pregnant and had hideous cankles. I spent the next 4 days eating ice cream and knitting at home watching a A Baby Story and crying.


Beautiful Mess said...

It's hard to watch the "baby" look go away, but it is so much fun to watch them grow. Mine is 5 and he still has the chubby baby fat cheeks. Not as he use to, but he still has em. And I still pinch em every day. Some habits are hard to break ;o)

Old Mom New Baby said...

It is so hard when the years start turning by like days,
my son is now 14 and I still remember so clearly his 1st birthday. I miss him - he's a different person now who I'm absolutely crazy about, but I miss him. (Guess that's why I'm on to #2 now)

Sometimes I just wished we could get sick of an age before they move on to the next one, but they are all awesome.

((Big hugs)) to you Jess, it's all such a bitter sweet - happy sad adventure.

Queen Bee said...

first birthdays are so bittersweet. for us, crossing that threshold into the second year of life made parenthood feel more permanent somehow... like we could breathe and looked at each other and said, "wow. we actually did it. we had a baby." (does that make any sense whatsoever? LOL)

i miss the 3-7mo old phase. it is so much fun as they grow older and more interactive with their environment though.

Quin is such a beautiful, intelligent child and so blessed to have you & Donnie as parents. and what an exciting, amazing life he is sure to lead. have fun celebrating!!