Monday, December 8, 2008

Random news and updates

I've been jokingly proclaiming that "Quinlon ate my butt" since just after I had him. It was obvious my once prominent ghetto booty was a bit smaller and less bubbly than before my pregnancy. I didn't realize just how accurate this statement was until yesterday.

Old Navy was having a one day sale on jeans. $35 jeans for $12. Solid! I am beyond broke, but it was most definitely time to stop wearing pants that, if tugged even slightly by a cruising child, would come completely off.

Soooo, pre-pregnancy size 9/10 has turned into a perfect size 6! And, now that I have jeans that fit, my complete LACK of ass has never been so glaringly apparent. It's completely flat. I kid you not! I am having a bit of an identity crisis... I mean, I was proud of that badonkadonk and now I have the typical white girl anti-ass. Donnie says he loves it... and honestly, that is all that matters anyway. I've just got some MAJOR self image adjustments to make, not that I am not thrilled to be a size 6 for the first time in at least 3 years.

I guess this is what I get for joking so much about the baby eating my butt.

In other news, we are sleep training Quinlon again. It's going to be a two phase process. First line of attack is helping him learn how to self soothe. He really never figured it out on his own and needs me to pat him in order to fall asleep. At 8 months old, he is developmentally ready to be taught that he can put himself to sleep. Sounds easy enough in theory, but my child is strong-willed, spirited, and has the classic Allen temper. So far he has gotten better and even had one night that he did it completely on his own (a fluke, of course, but I am still proud).

Phase 2 involves cutting back his night time nursing. Quinlon still nurses a minimum of 3-4x a night. And that is on a good night. Nights like last nights are more like 5-6x times and are incredibly exasperating for mama.

But first things first... we gotta get past phase 1.

Yesterday really was a wonderful day! I anonymously received a pair of Wild Child Woollies longies for Quinlon! A dear friend who has yet to reveal themselves sent them as a generous gift knowing that money for us is beyond tight and has been a sore spot for us for quite some time. On top of getting new jeans and a new skinny self image, this was just the highlight of my day.

Also, the whole Martin-Weber clan and I went and painted ornaments at their church. Quinlon made a huge mess and, unsurprisingly, managed to even eat some of the glaze. But, Grandparents will be thrilled to get them as Christmas gifts.


Sarah R said...

It's the breastfeeding! I lost SO much weight and couldn't believe I was getting into my smallest jeans. And they were still loose on me. So yeah, blame Quinlon. I totally blamed Andrew! (I reached my lowest weight this past summer w/o trying, and people at work were starting to make skinny comments...I really didn't want to be that small so in fall I went up about 5 who the heck knows how big I'll get!).

Oh, the self-soothing thing. Yep, we are dealing with that now. Lately, Andrew has had all kinds of energy at night and has not been going down until 10:00 pm or later. Tonight, I tried to shush him to sleep (I rock him in my arms and do this whole routine which ends in me patting his butt and back until he falls asleep, and then I sneak him into his crib). Well, finally he started arching his back to get down, but then he'd come over to me and lay his head against me because he was so tired. I had to put him in his crib to CIO. He's 15 months old and I need to break this habit. He cried for 15 minutes and has been sound asleep for an hour now. We got him to soothe himself for naps awhile back (DH with him during the day and he is certainly not going to rock him to sleep), and I knew the day would come when I'd have to get him to do it at bedtime too. I have some time, but I'm certainly not doing this with 2babies at once or I'll go insane!

The night feedings. Yes, Andrew was only 2-3 times a night on a regular night, and maybe 5 when he was teething. Now he's usually just once. I would say you need your sleep too! Good luck with everything!

Lisa said...

Just out of curiosity, what are you doing to help him learn to self soothe? I am also in the process of sleep training my boys and I am looking fro any suggestions that may be different and can help...

Hope you are all doing well...

Queen Bee said...

my heinie is looong gone too, sister. only my husband isn't too thrilled about it! ha! goo deal on those Old Navy jeans! i wanted to go to that sale but had to work dangit.