Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ok, now that I have caught up on things...

Well, not really since that never actually happens. More like treading water constantly in these parts.

First things first: the questions from readers... it is time to answer them.

"I'd like to know how BLW [baby led weaning] is going..."
- It's going wonderfully. He took right to it and within about 2 weeks was feeding himself like a pro. We've tried soooo many foods and he loves eating off my plate. I love it!

"What is the most daring thing you'd like to try before you are too old to do so?"
- I'm quite the wild child and have done many things already, in my brief lifetime that others still fear to do. But, in all honesty, the most daring thing for me is write a book. First, I have to make my life worth reading about which, the first major step, is going to China. Then, I want to find the bravery to put all of myself down on paper for the world to see.

"How many babies do you think you will have? Got the itch for another?"
- Ultimately, we want 8 children. Yes, 8. Yes, I am most definitely crazy. This includes adopting one or two if possible. As far as the itch, yes and no... I am a bit sad sometimes to see how quickly my little baby is catapulting towards toddlerhood, but I am not a "newborn" person and still consider those first few months as a new kind of hell for me. It makes me a little sad that we have to wait for about 4-5 years to even try for a second because I am seeing how much Quinlon adores having other children around.

"are you scared at all about moving to a new country in the future? will it be difficult for you to adjust at all?"
- Not so much scared as... thrilled? Actually, I am not even sure that is the right word. As a Taoist, I believe fear is something that arises from the human desire to control their reality which goes against the natural way of things. The positive nerves far outweigh the worrisome ones. I am pretty sure the adjustment is going to be hard... moreso on us than Quinlon. He is a little trooper when it comes to just rolling with the punches. The language barrier is going to be rough but we are already working to overcome that with as much practice as we can now.

"i've got another one: i want to hear the story of how you met Donnie."

-This question deserves its own entry which I am going to type up in the next couple of days. I swear!


mandy_moo said...

8 kids--awesome!!! my hubby and I would like 6. It looks like we are going to adopt at least one, as well. We are no longer TTC but working on adoption papers.