Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hey now... that isn't nice.

The kicks to the bladder are no longer cute or ticklish. Today officially marks the beginning of the PAINFUL kicks to the groin era.

Speak of the devil.... ack.

I got new hairs. Hehe

Asian bangs rule.

In other news, I love knitting.


Nicole - Raising Animals said...

NO way! I just learned how to knit the other day! I posted picture on my blog of the really pathetic piece I did yesterday after only knitting for one day.
Your hair is totally awesome.
Can't wait to see that baby! Only 74 more days!

Poltzie said...

Hey congrats on being almost 30 weeks! It's not long now hey.
If you like knitting check out my sister's blog:

rocket.queen. said...

Haha, Nicole! I've been knitting for YEARS, but just now found someone to teach me more advanced things. I'm now in the process of making a sweater, a hat and some baby pants. I love it. It's addictive!

Lilah, those mittens she made are GORGEOUS.

Where has time gone,really?

Brianna said...

Yay for knitting! Check out if you haven't already! Love the asian bangs - you're so brave with your hair and it always turns out great. The one or two times I've tried to do something different it's been a disaster. *shrug*