Thursday, September 27, 2007

Now taking guesses!!

As Donnie is forcing his head against my belly at the desk...LMAO

Big u/s is one week from tomorrow!!!

Get your guesses in NOW!!

So far we have:
Me - boy
Donnie - boy
mother-in-law - girl
Friends at work - girl (unanimously)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Today is a very special day...

I am officially in the second trimester of this pregnancy. It makes me tear up just saying it out loud. After the heartwrenching end to our first pregnancy, this seems like a miracle.

It's so amazing... I feel almost proud of myself. I made it through the wretched morning sickness and exhaustion and only have the BEST parts of pregnancy to come.

I can't wait to feel the little dinosaur pummeling the inside of my uterus and in 13 days I get to find out the sex. *happy dance*

Now it's time for me to curl up in the bed with Donnie and just talk about what we think our little dinosaur is going to be like. <3

Sunday, September 16, 2007

It's such a shame...

that I can't bring myself to clean...

I will.

Just a few more minutes of procrastinating while I update blogland about my appointment yesterday, I promise.

Donnie got to hear the heartbeat. It's slowed from 160 BPM to 152 BPM. My midwife swears it must be a boy because she had a hell of a time getting him to sit still long enough to get the heart tones. Donnie was smiling from ear to ear. This morning, he said that hearing that little "tick, tick, tick" made it seem so much more real. It did to me too.

I had to have my pap smear done mostly because the one in October of last year came back abnormal, but when they did a small sample biopsy, it came back as nothing. I really hope it comes back fine this time around because the stress of dealing with the abnormal results last time nearly drove me to the brink of mental stability and now is not the time for that level of stress.

Back to good news though, we set my BIG U/S for 10/4. I'll be 15w3d. I though this was a bit early, but my midwife assures me the tech that does u/s for them is beyond amazing and if she has any trouble, I'd only have to wait 2 weeks to do it all over again. So now the countdown begins. I am so excited to finally know whether or not we have a baby Quinlon Jade or Veda Xui on the way... ~sigh~

That's really all that is going on. Life is boring as usual... *shrug*

Sunday, September 9, 2007

No one could have

prepared me for this experience.

I love being pregnant. LOVE it.

But this is hard. Sure, I just sit around and "grow a kid" but it takes a toll. Add that to the hormones and there are days that I feel in over my head. It's so worth the ickiness, the exhaustion, the peeing 5x a night...

It's just overwhelming to think that inside of me there is a life growing. It has brought me a greater understanding of the Tao and life itself. It's truly a spark of life coming from nothing and becoming a living breathing human being. Amazing. I am humbled by the sheer magnitude of this blessing. There really is nothing like it and I thank the universe every single day for allowing me this time.

I really am blessed.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Remind me

not to watch "A Baby Story" anymore.

Major tears.

I am so excited to be a mom.