Sunday, September 9, 2007

No one could have

prepared me for this experience.

I love being pregnant. LOVE it.

But this is hard. Sure, I just sit around and "grow a kid" but it takes a toll. Add that to the hormones and there are days that I feel in over my head. It's so worth the ickiness, the exhaustion, the peeing 5x a night...

It's just overwhelming to think that inside of me there is a life growing. It has brought me a greater understanding of the Tao and life itself. It's truly a spark of life coming from nothing and becoming a living breathing human being. Amazing. I am humbled by the sheer magnitude of this blessing. There really is nothing like it and I thank the universe every single day for allowing me this time.

I really am blessed.


Stephanie said...

I guess I'll introduce myself name is Stephanie, yep, that one, lol. I've been stopping by over the last two months or so to see how you are and I'm finally saying, "hello".

It really, really, REALLY is worth it. I'm actually smiling ear to ear right now because I remember peeing a hundred times a night all to well, lol. I also distinctly remember shortly after having Brad (my son), not having to pee and it was really weird, lol!

I had never in my life been as tired as I was my first trimester. I always tease that I slept the first 12-14 weeks of my pregnancy. I just couldn't keep my eyes open.

Your love and compassion for yourself as a woman, your child, and other mother's will continue to grow as your child does. A child crying in a restraunt or grocery store no longer brings a thought of, "oh how rude, they should not stay with their child screaming that way!" to "awww, someone's not happy!"

I also saw your belly shots and I must say you are the perfect preggo! Look at your cute-cute belly, Momma! Thank goodness you're going to be HUGE during the winter here in Florida. I thought I was going to pass on during the summer months, lol.

rocket.queen. said...

Hi, Stephanie. Very nice to meet you...

Pardon me if I am vague as to "who" you are in reference to anything lately as, well, you well know, the baby is eating my It's definitely me and not you.

Let me just say that I can't wait to have my ful size bladder back. LOL

Your little boy is adorable, you must be incredibly proud!