Sunday, August 5, 2007

It's been a while...

I've been too exhausted to do anything, and unfortunately, my blog is pretty low on a long list of things I've been putting off.

Not a whole lot to report, actually. Just exhausted and, at times, sick. But loving every minute of this pregnancy. I will be 7 weeks on Tuesday. In some ways it seems like time is flying, but when I look at all the milestones ahead of me I feel like I've barely begun.

My next appointment is 8/14. We'll be scheduling my u/s then. I am excited and a little scared... rightfully so, I guess.

Like I said, nothing exciting going on here, but just thankful for everyday I wake up pregnant.


Nicole - Raising Animals said...

I'm so glad to see an update! Matt, Diesel, and I have been moving this last couple weeks so we're just now getting settled in (check out the newest post on my blog). Your package will be in the mail very soon. I promise!

Post more often!!

Anonymous said...

I swear I slept through my entire first tri-mester, so that is completely normal. The extreme fatigue will start to dwindle around 12 weeks. You'll be there in no time! Good luck sweetie!

Anonymous said...

I found THE most awesome t-shirts for you!!

One for you that says:

Pregosaurus, if you upset me you'll be extinct

and one for the baby that has a dino on it and says babysaurus. Too cute.

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Hope you start feeling better soon.

Jewels said...

Havent seen an updated post on here or your babies online. Just wondering how your doing :)