Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!


Nothing different except I am a mom. Being woken up by the little dragon headbutting my back trying to get my attention makes this the best birthday ever.

We are in the middle of sleep training... no, not crying it out. Personally, I find it a bit cruel and since Quinlon is a very attached baby, I know how badly this would upset him. Either way, it's hard on us and he hates it.

Oh crap, gotta run. The little dragon has scooted himself backwards off the play mat and is mad he can't reach his toys.


Lisa said...

I don't know if you remember me but we met quite a while ago on the WebMD TTC boards (hisangelface is my screen name).

Anyhow, I am also trying to sleep train my twin boys and it is quite challenging. However, I just got done reading the book "The Lull-A-Baby to Sleep Plan". It is a great book that has a very easy to follow plan that does not use the "cry it out" method. It might be something you can look into.

The basic plan is to teach them self soothing skills so that they develop good sleeping habits. The goal is to help them find ways of falling back to sleep on their own. They want to create a good and comforting environment for your little one in order to help them want to sleep.

I am working on that plan as we speak. One of my boys has taken to it immediately and has slept over 8 hours two nights in a row. My youngest is still having a bit of a hard time, but is sleep almost 6 hours straight per night.

Good luck and I look forward to hearing how it goes...

Stephanie said...

It's GOOD to see you, even if from a distance, lol. I'll be in Dallas with a couple of girls in October. Where's your Mom at again, lol?

Jewels said...

Happy Belated Birthday :)