Friday, July 18, 2008


Leaving Tallahassee tomorrow. Car's packed and we're just relaxing for the night. Tomorrow will be hectic and stressful, what else would traveling with a 13 year old and 3 1/2 month old be?

I've got so much on my mind. The impending move in with the parents, the soon to be work a holic lifestyle to engulf our existence, the fucking stress of the bills that are PILING up.

Today is Donnie's 30th birthday. For some reason, I am so proud of him. I've watched him grow up so much in the past 2 1/2 years together and become this steady, reliable, devoted husband and father. He's really coming into his prime, I can just tell. My two boys are my world and I wake up next to both of them everyday and thank the universe for blessing me with such a beautiful family.

Texas... such a bittersweet homecoming for me. Too much to get into really, but it is time I laid a LOT of ghosts to rest.

This may sound vain... so if this bothers you in the slightest, stop reading here....

But we cannot go anywhere in public with Quinlon without being nearly mobbed. People stop us in stores to comment on how "pretty" Quin is. Not just one or two people, I am talking 5 or 6 each outing. A friend suggested getting some headshots done and sending them to a few agencies. Umm, ok, totally bitching idea. What could be more flattering to a proud new mama than having her son be a baby model??

Anyway, it's almost 1 AM and I've got more beer to drink before sleepy time.

Good night and good bye Florida... hello, my future.


MrsDrink said...

Even further away from me =*(

Have a safe trip and I hope Donnie has a great birthday!!

I totally think Quinn could be a baby model! Of course, I'd want to be the one taking the headshots...but I don't have THAT big of a lens! LMAO!!!

Love you, be safe!!! XoXo <3

Colleen said...

Hey Jessi have a safe trip. I hope that everything works out for you all. We moved in with parent (my in-laws) because the bills were just too much for us. So I know where you're coming from. Everything will be fine I'm sure.

On another note, did you switch to a bottle for Quin? Any problems getting him to make the change?

rocket.queen. said...

We still breastfeed most of the time. The only time we use the bottle is if I am not able to nurse him. He does perfect switching back and forth, even if he is a bit messier with a bottle.

Nicole - Raising Animals said...

I hope you guys had a safe trip. Let us know that you're ok!