Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Bunny Day!

Hope everyone enjoys lots of candy and yummy food.

I am just waiting for tomorrow when all those Cadbury Creme Eggs get marked down 50-70% off. Hot DAMN! I joked a few weeks ago what Quinn was going to wait until after Easter so that he could enjoy the candy madness through me... Ha. Not so funny now that I am still pregnant.

Bah humbug.


Amber said...

I hope that it happens for you soon! When I wanted Brooklyn out, I went to TCBY and then my water broke that night.

icecream = baby!

Nicole - Raising Animals said...

I am hoping for you! This is going to be your week. YOUR GOING TO HAVE A REAL LIVE BABY! Can you believe that?! It's going to be SSSOOO awesome! Hell, if I can do it, you can do it!

Stephanie said...

OMG, those eggs are the devil. Don't fall for it. 50% off means 50% more consumtion. It'll hurt, lol.

rocket.queen. said...

Mmmm, ice cream. Why does EVERYTHING have to be closed! Bah!

Nicole, I can NOT wait. Foiehgdufn;jagnroiga.

Stephanie, they are the greatest candy ever and there is no possible way I can exercise anything resembling self control with those in my chubby little fingers.